Wheel Balancing

To ensure a safe and comforting ride whilst driving, wheels and tyres have to have even weight distribution. if a wheel has uneven weight distribution whilst rotating, it can significantly effect the ride and handling characteristics of the vehicle, usually causing a side-to-side wobble and/or vibration of the steering wheel, usually at speeds of around 70 mph.

Uneven weight distribution is usually due to heavy spots on the wheel and can be prevented by balancing the wheel and tyre. To correctly balance a wheel and eliminate vibrations and wobbles, our team will take the wheel off the car and mount it on to a balancing machine which centers and spins the wheel at a high speed. It then tells our technician where the heavy spot is, exactly how much counterweight is needed and where to put it on the wheel.

Symptoms of imbalanced wheels:
•Vibrations through steering wheel
•Changes to steering sensitivity
•Increased wear to suspension components
•Increased wear to tyres

All tyres supplied and fitted by St James Tyre Centre include free wheel balancing!

wheel after balancing procedure is completed
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