Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) are electronic sensors which are installed on to all four of the cars wheels and constantly monitor the vehicles tyre pressures.
Most TPMS sensors provide the driver with real-time tyre pressure information and in the event that the tyre looses considerable pressure, the sensor will send a visual and/or audio warning to the drivers dashboard.

TPMS sensors ready to be installed to wheel

Replacing TPMS Sensors

Typically TPMS sensors should last a great deal of time. However, some sensors can turn faulty, making the warning light flash on the drivers dashboard, even if the tyre pressure is correct (tyre pressure warning lights lit on the dashboard are now a failure on mot’s)
Also, if a tyre has been taken off the wheel or fitted incorrectly, it might cause the sensor to snap, resulting in needing a new sensor.
These are the only reasons you should need a sensor changing. St James Tyre Centre can change any sensor with ease. Usually we need 24 hours notice if you require a new sensor, this ensures that we can get you the right sensor and have it delivered to us within 24 hours.

TPMS Servicing

Valve stems are the most common reason TPMS sensors need servicing. A corroded valve stem, damage to the valve core or a perished/split valve grommet, preventing an air tight seal, are the most common issues. A TPMS service isn’t a big job and will usually take us no longer than 10-15 minutes to complete.
Because TPMS servicing is so common, we normally have valve stems in stock ready to fit. To prevent a wasted journey, we recommend contacting us first to ensure we have them available.

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